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Aquila’s cutting edge electrostatic spraying technology delivers precise application of disinfectants with 3 times the coverage compared to traditional sprayers, wipes, or cloths. 

Equipped with a highly skilled team, Aquila has been disinfecting hospitals, nursing homes, nurseries, schools, gyms, leisure facilities, hotels and restaurants and many more places for over 5 years, to the highest specification. 

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The deep clean consists of a thorough manual clean by our technicians to the area that is going to be treated. Special attention is paid to high traffic areas that may be touched often such as door handles, phones, computer keyboards and so on. Only once the deep clean has been carried out can the full decontamination clean begin.

Following an outbreak there is a large amount of preparatory work that goes into it. The part of the treatment where we actually carry out a series of steps in an attempt to eradicate the virus is known as the decontamination phase. What comes before that is what we refer to as a deep clean.

With any highly infectious disease we might be dealing with, our technicians will always take care to ensure the proper PPE is worn and appropriate measures established to avoid contamination migration.

With a deep clean in an area known to harbor an infectious disease, much like Coronavirus (Covid-19), the technicians will wear full-face masks which require a formal face-fit test to certify that the seal is made between the technicians face and the mask with the proper filters applied.

In the case of Covid-19 the cartridges we use for the masks are 3M 6059 ABEK1, known as combination gas filters. These are essential for filtering out harmful and hazardous organic vapours.

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‘Nine Tenths of the Law’

“Possession of a pathogen in your space means that you have taken ownership of the risks and liabilities associated with unhealthy surfaces.”

In order to protect your business and employees, it is essential that before your workspace reopens you thoroughly disinfect all working surfaces.

The demands, costs, and personnel required to stay ahead of mobile pathogens without the use of technology makes the expectation of proper surface disinfection unrealistic. Proper surface disinfection is not possible without the assistance of advanced application technologies.

To provide peace of mind to you and your employees, Aquila's dedicated team of specialists are offering our advanced services to local and national business no matter the size or extent of the requirement.


From Builders and Sparkle Cleans to Jet Washing, Hygiene Cleaning and specialist Sanitisation & Deep cleaning, our dedicated team are on hand to deliver the highest cleaning specifications to make your projects shine. 

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